Create, manage, and launch initiatives

Kodo's easy to use and intuitive web is designed for any company to launch,
manage, and drive participation in company initiatives.

Kodo was made for:

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Head of People

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Head of Culture

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Initiative Manager

Behavorial Science

Behavorial Science

People are complex. We embed best practices into our platform to responsibly determine the most effective way to drive participation at the individual employee level.


Modern Communication

From Slack to Email, our agnostic and smart approach to communication allows us to leverage what will work for your company.

Gig Economy

Inter-Company Gig Economy

Assign custom reward values to verified employee participation in initiatives and opportunities. The employee perk you can't compete without.

Say it at the right time.

The Kodo Spark ™ system analyzes prefferred and effective communication methods of users and delvers the right message at the right time to maximize uptake and participation in initiatives.

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Say it at the right time
Empower the masses

Empower the masses.

The Kodo hub gives employees a centralized place to learn about and follow initiatives, submit feedback and ideas, commit to activities, and push company progress forward.

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